About us

Driver´s training is conducted by expert instructor Jiří Trejtnar, founder of one of the first private driving schools – driving school AMOS, which was established in 1989.  From 2009 to present, more than 16,000 students have completed their training with AMOS.

 J. Trejtnar has been teaching driving and the associated rules of the road for his entire time in this profession – directly active in the operation of the driving school until 2009, when there were organizational changes within AMOS. From 2009 onward he has been intensively occupied with the training of  “B” group drivers for organizations. He has also used his expertise as an effective instructor in the Prague “Traffic Academy”, which concentrated its teaching on defensive driving. Further, he was the chief instructor at Generali polygon ( school of skids ).

Training materials are not only modified every year based on their importance, but also continuously updated to keep up with actual legislative changes.  As training programs are created, attention is paid to new and interesting forms of information processing, as well as improving replies to the FAQs of our training participants.  These questions come up often in our activity, and through our FAQ we can provide answers to other users as well. Our customers, to whom we present our training, include large Czech and international companies, as well as middle and small organizations.

Driver´s training

We are able to provide personal in-class training that provides the advantage of two-way communication. This provides participants with clear answers to their questions on spot, which is important especially in case of foreigners living and driving in the CR.

 We also provide our training programs for organizations in Prague, as well as in other locations, based on customer requests.

Our range of innovative lectures includes information about accident frequency and its causes, traffic offences, road traffic statistics, and also basic items of defensive driving. Information is processed through computer presentations (in English as well), short videos for better visualization, and memory. Training itself is held in Czech with simultaneous translation into English, with translation provided from our side.

Further we also provide on-line training in English. The advantage of this version is time-flexibility because it can be processed at any time that is suitable for a participant on his/her PC. The on-line version is ideal for small groups of up to 5 students, especially for those employees who cannot join the in-class training in their organization.

Students participating in the on-line training program will receive equivalent, valid documents in electronic form.

The price of the English version of the on-line driver´s training is CZK 250 + VAT 21%.

After clicking on “Entry“ you will be asked to enter a password. To obtain the password and information on the price of in-class training, please contact us and we will be pleased to send you our offer.

Our contacts for English :                                                  

Phone : 777 777 982, Email : info@skoleni-ridicu.net